Bulk Liquid Tank Hire

Waste Tank Hire

Waste holding tanks are popular in remote building and constructions sites.
Civil construction sites, special events, army camp locations, just about anywhere that doesn’t
have a sewer connection.

Our range of tanks include Holding Tanks (4000L), Fresh Water Tanks (5000L) & Grey Water Tanks (5000L)!

4000 Litre Holding Tank Hire

  • 4000L Waste Holding Tank
  • 3865mm L x 2400mm W x 660mm H
  • Weight Capacity: 5000 KG + 8 people
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Special locator tab lifting points
  • Towing hook on frame for easy positioning on site
  • Easy to transport

5000L Fresh Water & Grey Water Tank Hire

Perfect for Festival Camp Grounds, Shower Facilities in off-grid locations or even just for

catering use in private functions – our Fresh Water Tank offers over 5000L of fresh water to

be consumed straight from the tap!


Match that up with our 5000L Grey Water tank & you’ll catch all of the shower run-off & used

water from the fresh water tank – making it super easy to dispose of safely without hurting the



Our Fleet.

Purpose Built For Serious Service.


Bulk Liquid Tank Hire