Grease Trap Cleaning

Brisbane & Gold Coast Commercial & Residential Grease Trap Cleaning 

Serious offers grease trap cleaning services at competitive prices and service times to suit your needs. We have a full fleet of purpose built vacuum trucks and experts ready to clean and maintain your grease traps. All of our work is carried out as per EPA and Council requirement to ensure we remain environmentally compliant. The Serious Grease Trap Service Includes
  • Inspect trap cover for damage or corrosion
  • Completely remove waste from trap including fat, oil & grease
  • Inspect any baffles in the trap for damage
  • Wash down trap walls
  • Wash grease trap lid once replaced
  • Track Waste via WTC or Waste ID if applicable
  • No additional waste levy fees
  • No Call Out Fees
  • Full service report & certificate to recognise all grease trap cleaning risks are eliminated.
For hard to reach grease traps in low level car parks, elevator shafts or for flood relief work, our 1800 litre low level vacuum truck is perfect for making hard access jobs easy.

Why Use Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service?

Our grease trap cleaning and disposal service is used by a wide variety of catering and food processing business in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Redland Bay areas. The regular cleaning and the safe disposal of grease trap waste is managed in an environmentally friendly manner. Our team of specialists use advance processes to clean your kitchen grease traps top-to-bottom whilst ensuring harmful waste is removed safety and with minimal disruption to your business or residence. We carry out our services at times that are convenient to you, helping to achieve minimal disruption to your business and/or daily routines. Where access is limited, we are able to work with you around the clock to ensure everything works exactly how you want it to. 24/7 Emergency Grease Trap Servicing. We will provide your business with a full service report and a certificate to recognise that the appropriate steps have been taken to help eliminate associated risks with your grease trap.

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