Portable Toilet Servicing

Portable Toilet Servicing

At Serious Pty Ltd, we do things a little differently to the rest of the industry. As our name suggests, we are Serious about service, and below shows the minimum steps we take to ensure the toilets you hire from us for your job site are kept exceptionally clean and functional all of the time.

  • Complete empty of the waste tank using our fully equipped, purpose built vacuum trucks
  • Add The sanitiser sachet to the waste tank and fill with 20 Litres of fresh water to activate it
  • Refill or top up the water tank with fresh water
  • Restock toilet tissue dispenser & hand soap dispenser
  • Ensure the foot pumps for both the toilet flush mechanism and hand basin faucet are working properly
  • Wash and dry wipe the interior of the cabin and lightly fragrance the cabin, leaving it clean and fresh
  • Update the Service Record on the door interior with the service date, time and the service person’s name

In addition to this, we also offer full servicing and high pressure steam cleaning at our fully equipped workshop and wash bay. We can refurbish old and tired portable toilets from ground up, to ensure every unit in our or your fleet is in perfect working order and ready for the rigors of life on construction sites and or major events.

Portable Toilet Repair

If your business owns toilets, if your in construction and have a fleet of toilets or just have one for domestic use out the back, we can help return your tired old toilet back to its former glory.

We can rebuild and repair any brand of toilet and toilet trailer in our workshop.

We will swap over your toilet or toilet trailer for one of our own so that you are not without amenities until yours undergoes a make over and is fit for purpose ready for return.

Alternatively, if you need urgent assistance regarding repair of your toilet for whatever the reason, we can arrange an operative to assess and repair your toilet onsite.
You may have an access issue where the toilet may not be able to be removed.
You might need an urgent repair on a sewer connect toilet that is leaking 10 stories high on a major construction build.
Whatever the problem, whatever the issue…

We can help you fix it!

We stock most parts required here in our workshop in order to keep the turn around time to a minimum.

Our Fleet.

Purpose Built For Serious Service.


Portable Toilet Servicing