Portable Toilet Servicing


Serious Servicing Guarantee

Maintenance & Repair

We can re-build & repair any brand of toilet and toilet trailer in our workshop. We even swap over your toilet with one of our own while the repair takes place to avoid disruption to your business. For an additional fee, we can also repair your toilet on site with one of our qualified technicians.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

There is nothing worse than waking up at 10pm and realising you have some very important people attending the site the next morning who may need to use your Portable Toilets! Give us a call on 1300 882 786. 

Scheduled Services

Every site is different so while you may have 10 people one week and 2 the next, we can cater to any schedule. We are in metro areas daily and by giving our team a call, we can advise the correct service date for your site.

Serious Portable Toilet Service Inclusions

Complete Empty of Waste Tank

Using our purpose-built vacuum trucks, we make sure all waste is removed from the waste tank of your portable toilet - every time. Our Portable Toilet vehicles have retractable hose reels, allowing our drivers to manoeuvre around sites easily and ensure higher sanitation levels around site.

Sanitiser & Odour Neutraliser

Once we have removed all of the waste in the tank, we then add 20 litres of fresh water followed by an odour neutralising sachet. This sachet is designed to neutralise smells over a 3-7 day period - leaving your toilet fresh for as long as possible.

Re-Stock & Top Up

Whether your toilet has toilet rolls or tissue dispensers, our custom-built trucks carry both at all times. We replace all consumables and top up the Soap Dispensers with anti-bacterial hand wash (SDS available). While we do this, we also top up your fresh water hand wash basin to ensure the water lasts until your next service.

Wash & Dry

Towards the end of the service, our drivers will rinse the dust and dirt from the interior walls of the toilet unit and dry it down prior to leaving. This promotes quality longevity with the toilet skins and leaves your space feeling fresh. Finally, we fragrance the interior of the toilet cubicle to leave it smelling as clean as possible.

Service Record

In every toilet serviced by Serious Waste - we will add one of our service stickers. Every time this toilet is serviced, our driver will fill in the date, time & their initials. This is a measure of our commitment to quality assurance practices and maintaining consistent service history.

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