Festivals, Corporate Functions, Community Events & more!

Event Portable Toilet & Wizz Wall Hire

From Back of house through to main event areas – we can cater for any size/space! 

Our COVID Safe toilets all include antibacterial hand soap as well as fresh water hand washing facilities. 

The best part? All of our toilets include LIGHTING! That’s right! If your event is carrying on into the night – we have you covered!

Looking for something to keep the boys happy? 

Hire one of our Wizz Walls for the weekend or add them to your event hire. Just remember, we will need to empty them before they get picked up! 

Luxury Portable Toilet Hire

Looking for something more luxurious for your guests/performers? 

Our Luxury Range of Portable Toilets include Air-conditioning & music – with a range of different sizes available to suit any needs!

Sanitation & Cleaning Event Crew

Health & Hygiene are paramount to any event but did you know we have a team that can keep your toilets & waste clean throughout your event?

Equipped with state of the art liquid waste removal trucks & as many toilet rolls as you can imagine – we can be there 24/7! 

Do you have bins with rubbish in them but no-one to empty them? Our Crew can do that too!

Event Support Services & Equipment

Bumping In & Bumping Out are easy but what about the Event itself? That’s where our range of state-of-the-art equipment and operators come in handy!

From Potable Water Deliveries to fill empty toilets, to vacuum trucks to remove the Catering Waste that your vendor forgot to tell you about! We’ve got everything covered for those ‘just incase’ moments that are bound to happen. From extra toilet rolls, soap, sanitiser, bin bags & more – we always prepare for the unexpected!

We also include our all-terrain multi loader which reduces any damage to your grass!